The Resistance was founded by GrandMasterWizard in 2007, and is now stronger than ever before.


GrandMasterWizard attended ARC Con for the first time, after being persuaded by three of his close friends. He had never cosplayed before, but quickly fell in love with it.


 The friends were enjoying everything Con had to offer, including the typical merchandise stalls, various talks, and meeting fellow cosplayers, when they suddenly stumbled across a few childish teenagers on the shop floor, trying to slide items off the stalls and into their bags. 


Without a second thought, one of GrandMasterWizard's friends approached the young men and ordered them to put the items back or he’d report them to security. Things didn't quite go to plan and a pursuit ensued. It was at this point GrandMasterWizard noticed a lack of surveillance around the convention.


Once he got home and had time to think, he decided that action was to be taken. He set up his own web-forum, asking for any volunteers to sign up to the ‘Cosplayer’s Convention Security Force’  quickly branded as CCSF amongst its members.

CCSF immediately patrolled other conventions, teaming up with security. Some stuck to their duties with extreme dedication, making it their only purpose for attending. Others helped out where they could. Mostly, it was a good laugh whilst doing a good service. Unfortunately, however, it did not take long for CCSF to get into trouble themselves.

GrandMasterWizard stumbled across a member being pinned to the ground by one overzealous Security Officer, for supposedly causing continuous heated arguments with con attendees, and was no longer permitted  on the premises. After trying to explain to the security officer what was likely going on, GrandMasterWizard was asked to move back. Things quickly escalated, as the security officer grew impatient, and the CCSF Fighter grew increasingly agitated. “Stop resisting!” 

Out of nowhere, a group of CCSF jumped the Security Guard, releasing their fellow fighter, before running off. GrandMasterWizard returned home to release a statement on the forum that night.

In the statement it was announced that CCSF was to be rebranded as The Resistance, and that although their behaviour was unacceptable that day, The Resistance would not back down if it's fighters were being mistreated. GrandMasterWizard also included in his statement a code of conduct, that would be adhered to at all times, should The Resistance wish to continue functioning.


All members must be of noble heart.

All members must be dressed in cosplay at all times during events.
A new leader shall be elected every 36 months.
Every new leader must be approved of by his predecessor and then complete trial.
All problems must come to a peaceful solution, violence is NEVER necessary.


After his 3 year reign, GrandMasterWizard decided to bow out of The Resistance completely, in order to pursue real life goals, and only cosplay from time to time as a hobby. This became known as being a ‘Wakened’ which was penned by his successor, WizardCultum. A young and naive leader, who soon became focused on rewriting the history of The Resistance.


WizardCultum had felt betrayed by GrandMasterWizard who so abruptly forgot about the cause. 


Cultum brought a sudden dark reign over The Resistance, beginning to demand other duties from Resistance members, such as making Cultum new cosplays, staying at his home in order to serve his every command, and altogether dictating their lives away from cosplay.


WizardCultum would sentence all ‘Wakened’ types to exile, banning them from all cons. any who found themselves sneaking in would be sentenced to beating.  Any Resistance fighter found speaking to a ‘Wakened' would also be exiled and beaten.


Surprisingly The Resistance still saw their numbers rise to a very respectable number. They had retained an honourable reputation amongst regular cosplayers, and even received discounts from stalls for keeping their stock safe. That was until WizardCultum quickly descended into a power driven state of mind and began to tarnish The Resistance’s reputation by charging fees to use the toilets, quickly branded as Toilet Tax.


Eventually his schemes grew. The Hits For One was introduced, which involved taking out hits on people wearing the same cosplay costume as a Resistance member, or paying customers who wanted to be the only character of their kind in attendance. The money he made from this either went to pay off security and organisers, or into his own pocket.


Soon however the word on their new habits spread and subsequently faces of Resistance fighters were recognised and they were all placed on a national ban list despite any bribes Cultum could conjure. 


This led to WizardCultum being kicked from The Resistance by mutiny a year into his reign, after half of The Resistance found themselves unable to do what they loved. Cultum had his loyal followers however, and they formed what is known as ‘The Horde’.



Leading the mutiny was WizardAmanaki. Amanaki brought peace back to The Resistance and quickly scrapped the exile of 'Wakened' types, though stigma around them still lingers to this day, for Cultum instilled such fear into his fighters. this act also saw the return of a few founding members, including Thain Longbeard. GrandMasterWizard also offered to return as occasional counsel to the reigning Wizard, should it be needed.


WizardAmanaki saw to it that The Resistance stood for hope, good morals, and the safety of the public.

Soon after his inauguration he and some Resistance members were travelling to ARC Con and were approached on the train by a heavily intoxicated man. He began hurling abuse and squaring up to Amanaki and his friends, which had become a relatively average event for cosplayers and Resistance fighters alike. Amanaki and his friends sought to bring the situation to a peaceful conclusion, but after much effort the man lunged at Amanaki's friend, causing serious injuries, then managed to escape onto the platform immediately.

This mirrored the tragic Mandu stabbing, only thankfully Amanaki's friend pulled through. In honour of both Mandu, and Amanaki's friend, WizardAmanaki introduced the Badge of Mandu. A badge of honour, awarded to Resistance fighters who've gone above and beyond the call of duty, often putting their own lives at risk.


 It was here WizardAmanaki also started The Resistance Outpost Scheme. Urging members to bring safety across the lands, by any means necessary. vetoing the no violence act set out by GrandMasterWizard in the beginning.

Initial outposts were established via the forum, including Stagwell’s,  led by The Grandfather. 


WizardAmanaki saw a significant rise from Cultum’s Horde, often coming face to face with them at various cons. At first they were easily defeated, which angered the newly named LordCultum and sparked outrage. Cultum began recruiting left right and centre, instigating a surge in power. Eventually he was able to match The Resistance, and Amanaki initiated peace talks with Cultum. The growth from both The Resistance and The Horde meant that there had to be laid out rules and agreements. The historic Treaty of the United Cosplayers Realm was signed by both Cultum and Amanaki, and relative peace was made. Though after much debate it was agreed that conventions were a 'no man's land'. This meant that cons were a very tense event for members of the newly named United Cosplayers Realm. Many arguments and squabbles, even mini battles took place behind the scenes at con, and The Resistance had an uphill battle with the increaseded strains of Horde confrontations added to their list of duties.


WizardAmanaki also founded the Resistance Logo, the famous Resistance R becoming a banner for all of its members. He also invited outpost leaders to design separate outpost logos and banners, the design dedicated to its individual members, backed with the Resistance R.



After WizardAmanki’s reign had come to an end, the young and vibrant WiseWizard came to power, and is the first  female Wizard of The Resistance.


So far in the 6 months of being Wizard she has already established 12 new Outposts. Redesigned and updated the forum and ridded the seedy Grandfather from Stagwell, as well as a few other traitorous leaders. Communication throughout The Resistance has never been better, nor has the bond between its members. she now has plans in place to send The Resistance global.


Unfortunately for WiseWizard, The Horde has never been stronger and although morale has never been higher, The Resistance may buckle if she is not able to recruit more fighters.