A year and a half after being booted from The Resistance, LordCultum founded his own group of cosplayers, known as The Horde.


LordCultum founded The Horde on different principles to The Resistance, after witnessing the vast amount of earnings he could acquire from his previous schemes. This included keeping the Toilet Tax, though this had to be staged at regular intervals in order to keep them from being caught by pesky Resistance fighters and Security Guards.


LordCultum encouraged theft from stalls, the exact opposite to what was asked of him whilst in The Resistance. Cultum also kept the Hits For One Scheme. This proved hugely popular amongst the cosplayers taking part in Comic Convention Masquerades, especially if they were up against tough competition.

There were few who followed Cultum from The Resistance, but those who did were immediately established as his founding Captains. Captain Golding, Captain TribalClaw, Captain 434, Captain Wolfsbain and Captain Baramir Starch.


LordCultum quickly set out to become the greatest collector of all time and immediately bought himself a small warehouse to store his collection. This soon filled with valuable collectibles however, and so Cultum, coming from a privileged background, expanded. Not only was the Warehouse home to his collection, it was now a fully fledged headquarters for The Horde.

Two years into establishing The Horde, Cultum was recognised as having one of the world’s greatest collections.


Captain Baramir was promoted to General and became LordCultum’s right hand man. This led to the first ever female Captaincy. Captain Lingchi. The Horde also began recruiting creatures into their ranks, such as Minotaurs and Mutants.

As the number of both Horde and Resistance saw a dramatic rise, so did confrontations between the two opposing factions.


LordCultum demanded to see an improved effort in recruitment, after continuously falling under The Resistance’s strength.  The effort paid off and The Horde are now considered significantly superior than The Resistance, which has led to tensions between the two to be at their highest.



The Horde are extremely rigid, with a strict ranking system to keep everyone in place. 





The vast majority of Minions are female, and rarely make their way up the ranks. Equipped with the bare minimum of equipment, and blandest of weaponry, they are brutishly made to do the majority of the work. Preparing meals, repairing weaponry, providing themselves to whomever, however and wherever they are requested. On Con days, Minions must contribute to the Stall Stealing Scheme, and provide a worthy contribution of merchandise. Minions can not leave the Headquarters, unless on a quest.



Usually strong and brutish, Soldiers are operators of the various schemes that are in place. They are the money collectors for Toilet Tax, they are on the shop floor overseeing Minions and their work, ensuring each provides the cause with enough stolen merchandise, and when needed Soldiers are tasked with hits. They are highly skilled in the art of combat and intimidation. Soldiers are required to stay within the confines of The Horde’s quarters at all times, unless on a quest.



The Captain is in charge of a division of Soldiers within The Horde. Orders from the General are passed down to the Captains, who in turn see to it that the Soldiers carry out what is necessary. Captains are granted relative freedom, and therefore may wander from The Horde’s base from time to time.



There’s only one position of General in The Horde, and that belongs to General Baramir Starch. The General is LordCultum’s right hand man. Overseeing the organising of all operations. Keeping everything in check. The General is free to come and go as he pleases, and may hand out orders of his own.

They also hold close to their hearts, five vital commandments.


  • Nobody is superior than our leader, LordCultum.

  • Nothing comes before the cause of The Horde.

  • The Ranking system will strictly be adhered to.

  • Violence will not find it’s way onto the streets and must stay within the confines of specified events.

  • The material gains of the colony, are far greater than that of the individual.