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How Can I Help Nerdians become a reality?

Everyone at team Nerdians believe it's time the cosplay world enjoyed a series based around their favourite art form. We have set ourselves the almighty task of bringing a series packed with adventure, comedy, and pop culture references at every turn to all of you. 


Unfortunately the truth is, even though our community continuously grows there's still a lot of people out there who don't know or understand Cosplay.  The amount of times we have been asked what Nerdians is about, followed by "What is Cosplay?"  then, "Oh yeah, I know," is more frequent than you'd expect.  There are however, people who are still left in the dark... people who may benefit from our community. People we are determined to reach out to, and therefore we have to make a show that also appeals to the wider audience. 

The hard part is convincing the big studio executives that we intend to pitch to, this is worth their time and money.


The people we are reaching out to include, but are not limited to, Netflix, Amazon, Sci Fi channel, E4.  


So how do you plan on convincing them to make this show?


Well, first off we need a killer production pack and interesting scripts.

(That's our job!)


But you can actually help us with our mammoth task! By liking and sharing our social media pages, you help increase our presence online which in turn shows the investors that we have an interested audience. Unfortunately in this day and age, social media following goes a long way in deciding what or who gets backing in the entertainment industry.

But I want to do more!

Fantastic! As well as backing us on social media, why not take a browse in our store? At the moment all development financing is coming out of our own pockets, and by purchasing items on our store you are directly influencing our content. This includes paying for more concept art, location scouts, script reads with professional actors and being able to get the team out to conventions to meet you all!

There's nothing in the store that tickles my fancy...

Sorry about that! We'll be sure to keep things as exciting as possible in our store but hey... if you have paypal and REALLY want to help out, you can donate down below!

Everyone here at camp Nerdians is truly grateful for your continued patience and support!

We hope to meet you soon!

And remember, join The Resistance!

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