Set between the real world, and the imagination of cosplayers alike... in a universe filled with superheroes, knights, anime adventurers, steampunk butlers, time travelling companions, and just about every character your imagination could conjure. 

When the small English town of Stagwell begins to see a surge in gang activity, Ned and Phil take it upon themselves to cleanse their village of wrong doing, helped along by their local comic store owner Fenton. But when the number of gang members overpower our heroes, they must call in other members of the Resistance to give them a helping hand. Though this is no mean feat when you're suddenly up against a gang of Goblins!

We first meet Ned and Phil, or rather Norgara and Lilithien as they would prefer to be known, when they try to save a little boy from a vicious orc attack. They are skilled fighters and adventurers; this mission would have been a success... had these orcs been real and not just imaginary.

These two mismatched friends are not looked upon kindly in their village, despite the fact they're The Resistance outpost leaders for Stagwell and protect the land from evil and wrongdoers.


To the villagers, who are trying to go about their daily lives, completely oblivious to the secret world around them, these costumed crusaders do nothing more than disturb the peace. In fact, there was such an angry commotion on the night they “saved” the young boy that they didn't notice another group of cloaked individuals spying on them. Now this was a dangerous oversight, these individuals are Horde members, the rival cosplay group to the Resistance. The reach and audacity of The Horde is growing, this is nothing but bad news for Resistance outposts and their protectors everywhere.

Baramir Starch, a highly respected general of The Horde and all-round nerd, has been tasked by LordCultum to retrieve a certain piece of memorabilia that Ned and Phil have got their hands on. Barmamir uses this opportunity to kidnap an old flame, and current girlfriend of long time rival Ned, by sending Captain Golding and his men to Stagwell and carry out his dirty business. Having the biggest collection in the country is serious business to this lot. If Ned ever wants to see Elowhyn again, he'd better hand over that map.

Elowhyn is in danger and it's now down to Ned and Phil to get her back but before they can set off on their journey, some more bad news arrives. Captain Golding becomes renegade and intends to take over the village of Stagwell and overthrow the Resistance Outpost there. Phil needs to convince Ned to put the town first and trust in the WiseWizard (their mentor and leader of the Resistance) that Elowhyn will come to no harm while they fight to save the villagers from The Horde. 


Now, a spanner is really thrown into the works when Phil receives life altering news. Both Ned and Phil with their minds elsewhere struggle to fight off the rising threat of The Horde who are sending minions to commit petty crime throughout the village alongside the resident yobs who are under fierce leadership and up for causing trouble any way they can.

Far too few Resistance backup has arrived to adequately deal with the challenges that face them. Ned, Phil and now WiseWizard must make a last ditch effort to call in more fighters from around the country if they are to actually succeed in protecting their lands, but will their reinforcements arrive before it's too late? Will they arrive at all? Will Ned ever be able to get to Elowhyn? Will Phil be able to continue his work with The Resistance? Stagwell will fall unless they can get their act together and rise to the challenges being thrown their way.