Adam Gary


Adam Gary was born on May 5th 1992, and raised in London, England. He is the son of Yvonne Richards and Darryl Gary. Adam's creative talents trace back to his mother - a dancer- and his great, great grand parents, a theatrical agent, and stage actress. Adam also shares his creative talents with a line of painters and writers on his father's side.

Adam first realised his interest in acting at the age of 6, and has gone on to perform in many various productions, and worked on major Hollywood blockbuster film sets. Adam is now a member of The National Youth Theatre of Great Britain, an exciting charity and theatre company that has nurtured some of the greatest British talent in history.

Currently Adam is extremely busy with his writing. As well as working on   'Nerdians', Adam is writing his debut novel, 'The Adventures of Norgara and Lilithien' to be released side by side with the series. His brand new novella, 'Southwest, on the A303' is also due for release July 22nd 2017.

Adam is also working on a new collection of poetry to raise awareness around depression, titled  ';' in association with The Jermyn Street Theatre in London, and another collection of poems, 'Love Letters from the Heart and Soul' which is due for release in Febuary, 2018.


Adam is also working on a short thriller film, 'In The Corner Of My Eye,' which is due out in October, 2017.

Martin Taylor
Martin has been a vital asset to the NERDIANS team since the very beginning. He has worked tirelessly in bringing NERDIANS off the page and onto the screen. Martin is also the Costume Designer for all things NERDIANS. For more info, see below.
Howard Jameson
Co-founder of the Jermyn Street Theatre in London, Howard has many years of experience within the creative industries, and is a vital asset to the NERDIANS team.
Michael Terczynski
Michael has helped further the project since the very beginning. He is also currently working as a camera operator within the industry.
Michael was also D.O.P and camera operator on Back to the Past
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Head Of Department
Martin Taylor
When he's not creating costumes and props Martin enjoys spending time above and below the ocean waves ~ surfing, wakeboarding, scuba diving, and freediving. He delights in developing gourmet vegan recipes and championing conservation, as well as finding lots of creative outlets for his many ideas.
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Concept Artists
Head Artist
Lacey James

Cosplayer, artist and storyteller. Lacey has over 11 years of experience working as an artist/ illustrator with a wealth of clients including Sony, Epic Games, Microsoft and many more with a vast array of skills including storyboarding, concept artistry and screenplay writing.

He has been a cosplayer for over 4 years and has put together cosplays ranging from Resident Evil to DMC to Life is Strange and has been a finalist in several masquerades and cosplay related competitions internationally.

Martin Taylor
Special Thanks
Adam Ives
India Fleischer Ballard
Norman J. Miller
Lawrence Essex
Rhys Taylor
Connor Jenkins
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