A year on from embarrassing events at ARC Con, Doc Black seizes his opportunity to travel back in time to prevent any further humiliation, and reclaim his dignity; but with danger stirring up north, will he and his time travelling companion Barty be able to accomplish what they originally set out to do? How will Doc Black and Barty change the course of time, when they can't actually time travel? 


NERDIANS: Back to the Past takes place within the wider NERDIANS universe. Set between the real world, and the imagination of cosplayers alike... in a universe filled with superheroes, knights, anime adventurers, steampunk butlers, and just about every character your imagination could conjure.


With references to pop culture at every twist and turn and acting as a prequel to the main NERDIANS series, Back to the Past introduces us to the world of The Resistance, a cosplaying community who believe they ARE the characters they cosplay.

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All music was created by Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)

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